Wash-oe Hands is a community mutual aid group serving nevadans during COVID-19. 


NZD to CAD Washoe Hands facilitates immediate short-term assistance by connecting community members. This is a place for individuals and organizations in Washoe County and Nevada to come together in the spirit of solidarity. We share good advice, helpful information and bring together partners who can help serve our community. While we’re at it, we’re preserving connection in a time of isolation through live-stream events, success stories, and vibrant community.

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I Need help

British Pound - Japanese Yen All parts of our community have been impacted by COVID-19 in some way. If you need short-term assistance to put food on the table, pay a bill, procure supplies in order to safely self-isolate and more, start by taking a few minutes to fill out this form. 

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I can help

Everyone can help their neighbor in some small way. It’s the seemingly insignificant acts of kindness that can change someone’s life. Start here to lend a (freshly washed) helping hand.  


“I’m seriously at a loss for words. you don’t know how much this means to me and lifts so much stress off of me.

thank you so much.”

— Washoe County Resident and Wash-oe Hands Participant

Upcoming live-stream Events

GBPJPY Live-stream events are an easy way to support local artisans in our community without having to leave the house. Anyone from artists to teachers, bartenders to life coaches, and beyond might be on our upcoming events list. Check them out on our Facebook group!